Maybe Fangoria was wrong… Maybe Cozzilla just sucked?


Slow Robot A Go-Go Show 127 – Cozzilla

Tonight Dr. Morbius (from parts unknown) and mOw listed their Top Ten Stupid Things That Bug Us. After that rousing trip down happyville lane the team slogged through a less than brilliant Italian Re-Edit of the American Version of the Original Godzilla. Got all that? Yeah, it was pretty tough to get through, and it sucked but hey why not spend an hour listening anyway? Listen, laugh and love won’t you? thank you.

Slow Robot A Go-Go is now part of the SLICE RADIO family!  Also, please join the New “CREATURE FEATURE with Doc and Clown” video projects facebook group to get the inside scoop on all our wacky shenanigans. But never mind all that… here is THIS?!?!

cozzilla-10.25.2013 Cozzilla_2 3

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