Not really a monster… Not particularly green… and not in Hell but hey, there is a LOT of smoking! Monster from Green Hell


Slow Robot A Go-Go Show 98 – Monster From Green Hell

Tonight Dr. Morbius (from parts unknown) and mOw reviewed their Top Ten list of Worst Actresses. Then dove head first into the classic Monster From Green Hell! It was an innocent time when scientists smoked and action was slow. Listen, laugh and love won’t you? thank you.

Slow Robot A Go-Go is now part of the SLICE RADIO family!  Look for some promotions to win awesome prizes and make sure to log onto Slice early and often. Also make sure to add us on twitter @slowrobotagogo to keep up on new news and developments. Also, please join our facebook group to get the inside scoop on all our wacky shenanigans. But never mind all that… here is THIS?!?!

monster_from_green_hell_01 greehel

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