we do it FOR THE KICKS MAN…..

This is not really a film review, more of my random thoughts about the 1954 one and only Gojira. Over the years we have all come to know and love the gigantic monster from the sea off Japan. He has been a villain and a savior, he has fought on land and sea… hell even in space. Often when the original Godzilla movie is watched by modern audiences it is quickly dismissed as a “guy in a rubber suit trashing models” movie. I might submit that it is much much more and in fact most modern movies at the very least have some Toho influence.

Toho gave us many movies to laugh and spoof over the years, but truly the king of all monsters is and forever will be Godzilla. I urge any movie fan to watch the original Japanese Gojira (yes the one WITHOUT the spliced in Raymond Burr). Don’t grumble over the subtitles, honestly watch it and think of when it was made and how much work was put into it. I am confident if you aren’t already a fan you will be after you watch it. Put aside all preconceived notions and truly suspend disbelief. It has always been in my top 5 movies, and I hope it will be in yours as well.

As P. Diddy exclaimed, “Come With Me”

Won’t you? Thank you.   mOw

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