Damn Dorothy Stratten! Even your “assets” couldn’t save this show! Galaxina and The Crater Lake Monster are here to stay!

Slow Robot A Go-Go Show 41 – Galaxina AND The Crater Lake Monster? Yup, We’re that stupid!

Tonight Dr. Morbius (from part unknown) and mOw reviewed a baby blue classic 2-fer. We start with “Galaxina” starring the beautiful and vapid Dorothy Stratten. I am not sure if she can act but she sure can stand there all she wants. We then finish up the show with a “movie” called Crater Lake Monster. It is a movie in that there was a camera pointed at things and at times it was on. that is about all I can say, listen in as we review these glorious Bluray marvels.

ah hell, here are a few more pics to sweeten the deal.

i fought the sinister urge to put the many MANY pictures of Mrs. Stratton here.

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